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Your membership isn't just about today; it's an investment in the future of Liverpool's music scene.

QUARRY Membership

Gig goers of Liverpool - introducing, QUARRY's new Membership! For a monthly subscription of your choosing, you can become a vital part of our community music venue, all while gaining exclusive benefits along the way. What's more, by becoming a QUARRY member you'll help ensure the continuation of our DIY music venue in what are increasingly difficult times for our sector. By becoming a QUARRY member you can gain the following benefits: - 1-4 free concert tickets to select in-house events - Drink discounts - Free QUARRY Merch (T-Shirts & Tote Bags) JOIN NOW!


Patron Membership Tiers & Benefits

- £6 month -

  • 1 free tickets to select in-house shows per month

- £12 a month -

  • 2 free tickets to select in-house shows per month

- £20 month -

  • 4 free tickets to select in-house shows per month

  • 10% off the bar at exclusive events 

  • T-shirt 
    (one off)

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