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As the Artist Intended; Built from a genuine desire for a music venue dedicated to delivering a professional and diverse live  music programme in the city of Liverpool.

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About Us

QUARRY C.I.C is a community focused music venue, recording studio and multimedia arts space located underneath a disused railway arch on Love Lane, opened since February 2020.

Initiated by QUARRY Recording Studio and SPINE promotions, QUARRY hosts a range of eclectic events from experimental music to live theatre. QUARRY is a DIY project, a response to a lack of musical diversity rising in Liverpool’s music events since the closure of important grassroots venues and clubs since 2010. The team’s ethos is to provide a consistently revolving line-up of new music in a safe space for Merseyside’s creative communities. 

QUARRY is a site for sustainable creative learning and collaboration, aiming to strengthen and encourage creative exploration and the economic prosperity for Merseyside’s creative community. The underlying mission is to provide quality services in education, mentorship and professional growth throughout the creative industries. Whether it is for retirement communities looking to listen to classical music, independent film festivals, or artists bands looking for a platform, QUARRY will be an event space and community for all of Liverpool’s creative practice.

QUARRY aims to give back to the communities that have helped its development. In addition, we will actively engage with Liverpool’s artistic communities by hosting education-focused events and projects. This will include guest lectures, workshops, lessons and group projects in music, sound, art and media. It is our belief that sustainable creative learning is a key contributor to the nourishment and development of creative communities.

The Build

QUARRY was built by ourselves the directors, and our friends and family. Going into the project only one of us had any real construction experience but with a lot of help from the community, we turned the empty room into a functioning space with an initial focus on expandability and sound quality.


We work with a host of young musicians, promoters, and creatives, as much as we benefit from their fantastic work, we offer valuable experience in a safe and well-equipped arts space, with a focus on nurturing talent, financial transparency, and inclusivity. We take time with the young people we work with to make sure our events are as professional and successful as possible, teaching industry standard practices and operations to ensure a mutually beneficial experience.


Ethos at our own cost; Fair pay for artists, freelancers and collaborators.

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