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Strike a Pose Review (Live @Quarry)

Strike a Pose
Strike a Pose

There were once two very friendly hobbits that wanted striking workers to be given fair pay. It’s a tale as old as time. And like many great novels, it wasn’t even a novel, but a humble variety show. Strike a Pose are a group that host a regular disco party for striking workers and each time they manage to blend comedy and dance with genuinely thought-provoking messages. I’ll let you pick which one of those the first act was.

The first act I saw was a burlesque dancer trying to climb out of a bin. It wasn’t actually the first act of the evening as I was mortifyingly late. For once, the onus was on me. I failed to turn up for tea on time because I was on my Playstation. What a fucking piece of shit. This was a great act though, and their attempts to emerge from the dustbin were unbelievably engaging. By the end the whole crowd was clapping watching them try to throw rubbish long distance into the bin. Captivating stuff.

The evening was hosted by the aforementioned hobbits, mid-quest. There was a point in which they needed a gollum character to say a line of dialogue, however their gollum was indisposed. I was asked if I would, offstage, say the gollum line. My time to shine. I’ve always bragged about my gollum impression. Unfortunately, the pressure got to me and it was not one of my best attempts. Thankfully, not everything is about me, and literally no one cared.

Other acts that evening included a dance group all dressed as big flowers, a comedy routine from Joan Cooper Snark, and more serious talks surrounding the issues the Striking Workers were facing. It was genuinely heartwarming to be in a room full of people laughing whilst also standing up for what they believe is right. The message may be disturbing but events like this make it feel hopeful. 

After the rest of the musical, comedic and dance acts, the room turned into one big disco. I was a better man than I usually am, and held off drinking until this point in order to avoid a hangover. Unfortunately I fucked it all up immediately by trying to catch up and having loads of shots. Nevertheless, the DJ’s were excellent and the company even better. 

While it’s a shame fundraisers like this are necessary, the party was still a blast, and the sizeable donation that Strike a Pose were able to make to support the staff of the museums of Liverpool was an amazing outcome to end an overwhelmingly wholesome evening. Keep an eye out as the next Strike a Pose event will be here before you know it.

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