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Pys Melyn Review (Live @Quarry)

Pys Melyn
Pys Melyn

For those wondering why this gig happened over a month ago and there is only just a review for it coming out now, it’s because that’s how long it takes to write 500 words.This is especially the case when the majority of those words have little to do with the reviewable thing in question. Don’t waste your evening doing the math (it’s about 16/17 words a day). Each word has been scrutinised over for hours to ensure that it’s as readable as possible and paints a picture (notably worth a thousand words, and remember, that’s on top of the initial 500) in your silly little head. 

Now, where to begin with the review. Let me take you all the way back to one month ago. I had just finished work, and was excited to go to a gig. No, I’d been made redundant about a week before so I wouldn’t have been at work. I’ve just checked the calendar and it seems like it was a Saturday, so it’s doubtful I would’ve been anyway, having just been sacked from a 9-5. 

Having re-looked at the gig poster, I can see that the bands on the bill were Pys Melyn, J.Madden and JR Grant. What a bunch. If I recall correctly, JR Grant did a kind of slacker-stoner rock thing, which was hugely enjoyable. It was just two guys, guitar and vocals with keys. The stripped back sound worked really well for the DIY style of the music. It had a bedroom pop appeal along the lines of stuff like MJ Lenderman, who also has two letters for a first name, rather than a name like mine, which is simply Jamie.

J.Madden played second. What can be said about James Madden on this blog by me that hasn’t been said before. I found out recently he lived as a chef on a small island in Scotland for months. He is a learned and worldly man. We recently prank called him and he clocked on straight away, proving he has brains too. I barely remember the set as it took me so many weeks to write those first few paragraphs, but when I jog the old noggin I recall being thrilled and alarmed at his positivity, good vibes and sexual magnetism. May he rest in peace, until his next gig.

Last on were Pys Melyn, a Welsh band from Wales. They also sang the vocals in Welsh, which is awesome, because it’s a language you rarely hear that is well suited to their nostalgic and groovy pop tunes. When I really think about it, I remember the room was almost full, with many people dancing, and quite a lot of my friends coming up to me to say how much they enjoyed it. While that means absolutely nothing to me and I’m not sure why they felt the need to tell me, I’m glad they felt that way, as I was also riveted and shaking my hips. It was like watching The Beatles.

I have a feeling all of these bands will play more shows at Quarry, in which case, get down. For my next review I’ll be practicing the art of writing the same amount of words in less time, all without sacrificing my artistic integrity and free time. 

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