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PLUSH Vinyl - Limited Edition (Preview)

If you’ve ever been to a PLUSH rave in Liverpool you might know what’s coming. Or you might not. Their 12 hour raves that have been running rampant across local music venues have made a name for themselves by defying genres, making for some of the most varied nights out in Liverpool. The limited release of this vinyl is a way of showcasing just a fragment of that. Even if you’ve been an attendee in the past, there’s probably going to be something bizarre and exciting to unearth from this record.

I’ve been to a PLUSH rave before, actually! The first half was a sun-soaked beer garden brawl, the second a sweaty and disorientating venture into ‘The Sewer’. If you have the energy to stay for the full thing, you’ll find yourself drunk and dizzy, sweating like a pig with your arms around friends old and new. And if you don’t have the energy, you’re likely to find it somewhere throughout the night.

The events are characterised by the wide variety of genres on offer, many of which you’ve likely never heard before, and the unsettling art that lies beneath. Local artist Freddy Francke has been designing the art for the raves recently, detailing the lore of how they came to be, with undertones of cosmic horror (All of which I have decided to believe to be one hundred percent true.

If you want a taste of what these raves will offer, this record would be a good place to start. PLUSH have collaborated with MACHINE in order to bring you a selection of the PLUSH residents and friends of PLUSH to kick off your love for the events. It features: Sound of Drowning (the mastermind behind PLUSH, Ollie Cash), All Trades, Lucy Grey, W-I, DJ Sweetspot and DJ X-TRACT.

Hopefully this record will be the beginning of a long line of PLUSH physical releases. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these limited pressings, I’m sure you’ll find something to love. If you’ve any sense, you’ll make sure you find yourself at the next PLUSH rave.

Upcoming PLUSH events:

  • PLUSH Pre-Party, 23rd September, Kazimier Gardens

  • PLUSH 12 Hour Rave, 30th September, Invisible Wind Factory

You can purchase the record via

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