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Olvine (Live @Quarry)


On the 10th and 11th of March Olvine played another massive double whammy at Quarry. After the immense success of the previous double show in the round of Quarry before Christmas, which I sadly missed, I was excited to see what made people so captivated way back then. 

I attended the show on the 11th and I know I was relatively hungover but I’m not sure why as, looking back, this was on a Monday. Pretty foolish to be hungover on a Monday but no idea what I was doing the night before. It meant I could drink the lovely Kopperbergs though, which only really appeal to me when I’m hungover.

In retrospect it was a brilliant gig to attend with my brain that fried. For one, it was seated. Not enough gigs are seated. I’m very old (26) and frail (don’t exercise) so it was lovely to have this novelty. I sat right behind the drummer, which could’ve been an issue with my headache, but it actually was a benefit as watching the intricate drumming that close at such an unusual angle was interesting enough to allow me to forget about my headache.

I’d also had a Ragga’s prior to this, which helped. I had some fried chicken with rice and beans, khalalu and a bit of fried plantain, plus two Rubicon mangos which I nailed really quickly. It was awesome. Outside of Ragga’s there was genuinely just a massive puddle of blood that had gone unquestioned, and led me to feel anxious, but not about anything in particular.

The evening began with some music from Amelia Wallace with Olvine as her band. It was truly lovely stuff and instantly I felt less sick and detached from reality. It was great to see the band tease what was to come later in the evening through the lens of another artist. I smoked a cherry elfbar all the way through and felt super relaxed by the end of the set.

During the break I mostly sat there and just felt ill without the distraction of quality live music. 

Post-nearly shitting myself whilst at the urinal, Olvine began their set. The set was split in two halves with each one seeing the band incredibly loose, playing with a variety of different guests, each bringing different instruments and musical personalities to the table. 

A highlight for me as well were some of the songs that featured vocals from their keys player, who had an insanely sweet voice that I wasn’t expecting. The band seem to be very comfortable weaving in moments like this and then instantly ditching it for a completely new idea in the next song, which keeps the energy and excitement up for the whole gig.

By the end of the evening, I barely even feel hungover anymore. When the last lengthy jam ended and the lights came up, I felt as though I had returned from another world that I had been momentarily lost in. As soon as I leave the venue, I immediately feel sick again, and go home and go to bed with haste.

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