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a Lesser Version - Dead (Or Dying) (Single Review)

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Dead (Or Dying). Well, Liam Evans, frontman and songwriter for a Lesser Version, which is it?

Am I supposed to pick myself? You wrote the song, mate. This truly is the Death Of The Author. Or maybe it isn’t. In all honesty I’ve never really understood when to use that phrase.

Some facts about Liam Evans. He was once in a newspaper for scoring a goal during a football match. He has come up with a system for placing bets on football matches (whilst sinking jars at the local watering hole, The Flute, of course) that never fails. While only being 27 years of age, it is rumoured he is the man that came up with the name Slowdive for the band Slowdive, rather than their original choice of name, a Lesser Version (“Don’t call it THAT, call it THIS”). It is now clear he was saving this title for his own project.

If you can now picture this man, with his bouncing curly hair, attribute the facts I have disclosed with you to this image. Now imagine the music he makes. Ordinarily, it is not how it sounds on this track. Usually the music the band makes is emotionally driven and cathartic. Here it is nostalgic, and lively. Both are very good, but to hear it be taken in this direction is as surprising as it is satisfying. Dead (Or Dying) is more anthemic than many of the tracks that have preceded it. The swirling synths and bouncing lyrics are surely going to be drowning crowds of thousands in stadiums in the years to come.

There is also a music video accompanying the track. Unfortunately, I was involved with making it, and I am also in it. This could amount to a certain level of bias for the less accomplished music journalist, however, I am a professional and will do my best to stay impartial.

It’s unbelievable. What Jamie and Aidan accomplished in such a short space of time with minimal effort is astounding. Does it usurp the track itself? Well, that’s not for me to say. Watch it above and make up your own mind.

This being the second single off the new, unreleased album, we can assume and hope the second album will be dropping sometime in the near future. If you have been lucky enough to catch them play live you’ll have heard a couple of other tracks that will be on it, and you’ll know it’s going to be a slightly different offering from the first record. There’s no release date as of yet, but when it does come out, you can be safe in the knowledge that, not only will I listen to it normal amount of times you would listen to a record you love, but I’ll also be putting it on repeat and muting the volume while I’m sleeping to help it get more Spotify hits.

Dead (Or Dying) is available now on all streaming platforms.

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